waves nervously from the corner.

Hi there,
I just felt like I owed an explanation of sorts - I just wanted to pop in to make sure it didn’t seem like I’ve taken anything on here for granted. 
I love to talking to everyone, the theorising, the extreme fangirling and the great community of people, and I was feeling a bit of a guilty conscience that my sudden dissapearance for a while could look like I was being selfish of taking things for granted.
Things aren’t so fun and easy at the moment and therefore a time-out came about.
Thankyou for all your continued blog support - I mean your responses to my typography work to Sharon Rooney herself, which ended up leading to it being used on her actual twitter page was just the kindest thing. I still have all your messages and photos with [insert item] saved to make me smile and I am forever grateful and definitely not taking it for granted a single bit.
I hope everyone is well and staying strong in this continued MMFD renewal silence shakes fist. 
I hope to see you all some time soon,

Hannah x


it’s 3 AM and this made me cry like a baby, help

Every time. I don’t know why I thought maybe this time I would react any differently. That it wouldn’t ake my eyes well up, my heart slow down, my chest to ache and goosebumps to form on my arms.

It’s always Harry Potter.

no matter how it ends, no matter how it starts +

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It was one of those rare occasions when the true story is even more strange and exciting than the wild rumours.

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scenary: harry potter and the prisoner of akaban

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Harry Potter film series part 6 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

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i think it’s strange you never knew

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